Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Southern Zone Tentative Schedule

Where: Stampede City Gymnastics Club
#122, 2323 32nd Ave. NE, Calgary

When: Saturday March 29th, 2008


Saturday March 29th, 2008
8:30am General Warm-up P2 Argo
12:30pm General Warm-up P2 Tyro
4:30pm General Warm-up P2 Novice/Open

Sunday March 30th, 2008
8:30am General Warm-up P1 Argo/Tyro/Novice/Open
12:30pm General Warm-up P3 Argo/Tyro/Novice/Open

Regina Results are up

Sorry it took so long- Regina Meet results are finally up! If you have any additional photos to add please feel free to email me them!

Gymnathon is coming!!!

This is the last week to go out and get your pledges for the Gymnathon this Saturday. We have some fabulous prizes to choose from! Money from the gymnathon will be going towards some new equipment (like the vault and mini-trampoline that we just got!). If you have any questions please feel free to track down a coach or Tera.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are in need of some volunteers for the Gymnathon on Saturday March 1st from 4:30-8:30. If you are able to help please see the sign up sheet that is at the gym.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cactus Classic Pictures!

If anyone has anymore pictures please email me them and I will post them!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Gigantic Thank You!!!

Connie Carlson gets a huge thanks!
Just wanted to let all the parents who contributed to helping out with this years Cactus Classic -

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

As well...

Connie, because of your hard work and dedication putting this meet together and coordinating everything Cactus was one of the best it has ever been!
Thanks a bunch


The girls did fabulous this weekend at the 12th annual Cactus Classic!

The results are as follows:

Level 1 Argo- 29 Competitors:

Tianna McCubbin: 4th on Bars, 1st on Beam - 3rd all-around!
Jazlyn Johnson: 5th on Beam-4th all-around!
Kalista Pisoni: 4th on Floor- 15th all-around!

Level 2 Argo - 16 Competitors:

Jayden Stroh: 4th on beam-6th all-around!
Brooklyn Berrington: 5th on bars-7th all-around!
Erica Gallup: 3rd on vault- 9th all-around!
Alysha Stratton:4th on bars, 5th on beam - 10th all-around!
Tayler Sweet: 8th on floor-14th all-around!

Level 2 Tyro- 15 Competitors

Teah Rushford: 5th beam, 5th on floor -11th all-around!

Level 2 Novice- 18 Competitors

Amy Frasier: 4th on Bars- 7th all-around!
Kianna Lightfoot: 1st on vault, 6th on floor- 8th all-around!
Shandler Koleman: 6th on floor- 12 all-around!
Kayla Leisle: 8th on beam- 13th all-around!
Brittany Dort: 15th on beam- 16th all-around!

Level 3 Tyro- 8 Competitors

Alysha McCubbin: 1st on bars, 2nd on Beam, 3rd on floor- 1st all-around!
Tiana Pisoni:1st on Vault, 3rd on Bars, 4th on floor- 3rd all-around!

Level 3 Novice- 8 Competitors

Sydney Carlson: 4th on vault, 3rd on beam - 5th all-around!

Level 4 Novice- 4 Competitors

Sheehan Desjardins: 2nd on Bars, 1st on beam, and 1st on floor- 1st all-around!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cactus Classic 2008 Competition Schedule

Session: One – Saturday February 23, 2008

Category: Provincial 2 Argo/Tyro and P3 Tyro

Meet Information: Competition: 8:30

Session: Two – Saturday, February 23, 2008

Category: Provincial 2 Novice/ Open P3Novice/Open and P4 Open

Meet Information: Competition: 1:30 pm

Session: Three – Sunday, February 24, 2008

Category: Provincial 1

Meet Information: Competition: 9:30 am

Cactus Classic 2008

The 12th annual Cactus Classic is officially underway! Salta would like to that all the parents, volunteers who helped make the next couple of days happen. Also a huge thanks to all businesses and people who made donations!

Please feel free to stop by the gym and have a look at Medicine Hat's finest! Good luck to the girls who will be competing this weekend!

Level 1

Tiana M.
Jazlyn J.
Kalista P.

Level 2

Kiana L.
Amy F.
Shandler K.
Kayla L.

Brooklyn B.
Tayler S.
Erica G.
Jayden S.
Alysha S.
Teah R.

Level 3

Sydney C.
Alysha M.
Tiana P.

Level 4

Sheehan D.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AWG-Day Two.

Event Finals where held today and we had two girls qualify!

On Day 1 of the competition, against an incredibly tough field, Alysha hit a clutch routine on the balance beam, qualifying in second place for finals. Unfortunately, during finals, a fluke fall on her split leap took her out of the medals. Don`t worry kiddo- you looked good out there; and...there`s always next time.

Sheehan also competed on the second day of competition (finals). She qualified high in the rankings for both Floor and Beam, setting the tone for Day 2. On Floor, ever the competitor, Sheehan confidently solidified her stance as Floor Queen, bringing home the gold medal with room to spare. On beam, everything was going swimmingly until she stumbled and fell on her back tuck. However, the rest of the routine was so jam-packed with difficulty and performed with near flawless execution that she still managed to place in the medals (bronze).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

AWG- Day One.

Zone one did and exceptional job today at the team competition.

For the P3 Competition, Zone 1 came in 7th with a score of 138.15
In the P4 competition, Zone 1 placed 1st with a score of 146.768.

Congratulations girls! This is the first time that our Zone has took first place at AWG!
Event finals will be held tomorrow. Sheehan will be competing on Floor and Beam and Alysha made Beam and is an alternate on floor. Good luck!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Extra! Extra!

We had a couple of media outlets show up at the gym yesterday to cover the AWG story. Chat came and interviewed some girls and they got to show off their routines. Sean (Rooney) and Ian also came by from the Medicine Hat News for a photo and some interviews! If anyone gets the paper and could spare a copy to put on the board that would be fantastic!

And it's off to the Games!

Well, they are all packed and ready to go... wait a minute... they are on the bus!

Sydney, Tiana, Sheehan and Alysha got up nice and early this morning to board the bus for Alberta Winter Games this weekend. Opening Ceremonies will kick off at 5:00pm at the Castrol Raceway in Leduc, Alberta. Team competition will be Saturday, February 16 at 9am sharp. Individual All-Arounds will be on Sunday,February 17 at 9am. Good luck girls!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All in one piece

Despite the nasty weather we all made it home safe and sound from Regina. We had a spectacular meet and one hoot of a time. Due to the face that I am still in need of some results I will be posting them later today.

Medicine Hat News - Winter Games Coverage

Gymnasts looking forward to Games experience

Medicine Hat News

In the midst of the busiest time of year for many young athletes, this weekend’s Alberta Winter Games is a welcome break.
Sure, they’re still going to try to win, but when else can you have a sleep-over with your 50 closest friends, attend a dance with a couple thousand more and participate in an Olympic-style opening ceremonies, complete with sub-zero temperatures?
OK, scratch that last part.
“The opening ceremonies I’m excited for too, except for the fact we’ll be outside,” noted 12-year-old Sydney Carlson, one of four Medicine Hat gymnasts making the trek to Leduc for tonight’s ceremony. “Edmonton’s always colder so I don’t know.”
Carlson, Tianna Pisoni and Alysha McCubbin are all on the Zone 1 level three team, while Sheehan Desjardins heads up the level four squad at the Winter Games. All four will compete through this weekend, fresh off performances in Regina and right before Salta Gymnastics’ Cactus Classic in Medicine Hat Feb. 23 and 24.
After that, they’ve got zones and provincials to look forward to in the next month. So you can understand if their coaches aren’t putting the focus on coming up with perfect scores in Leduc.
“There is no expectation when they go; just to have fun,” said Becca Sykes, a Salta coach and one-time Winter Games athlete who will head to Leduc this time as a judge. “They’ve made the team and that’s the most important part.
“You don’t want to go to win, you go to have fun.”
For many, the dance is the highlight. Pisoni is looking forward to spending the night in a school classroom, where many of the athletes take up residence for a few days.
“Especially in a school,” she said of what makes the sleep-over situation unique.
“I think it’ll be really fun, interesting and different,” added McCubbin, the lone 10-year-old in a group of 12-year-old teammates.
Even the competition itself is different for the gymnasts. Instead of the usual individual scores, their routines will instead count towards a team competition. That scares some but is also a first experience of one of the key elements of Olympic competition, where nations compete against one another.
“I like individual competitions because if you do good then it’s just yourself and if you do crappy, you can criticize yourself,” said Desjardins, who will team up with a trio of girls from Lethbridge. “I think it’s going to be really challenging, but a really good experience. I really want to go to the Olympics, so it’s really good for me.”
Desjardins won her level four division at the Conexus Credit Union Prairie Invitation in Regina, scoring big marks on the beam and floor which proved to be the difference in the all-around event.
McCubbin was second overall in level three, with Pisoni just two spots back.
Other results from Salta included Kianna Lightfoot (fourth), Amy Fraser (eighth), Kayla Leisle (ninth) and Shandler Kholman (16th) in level two open; Brooklyn Berrington (fourth), Jadyn Stroh (fifth), Erica Gallup (sixth), Alysha Stratton (seventh) and Taylor Sweet (12th) in level two argo; and Teah Rushford (19th) in level two tyro.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Salta Rocks Regina Meet

The girls relax in the McCubbin's room after a long day!

Go Salta!

Sydney was Becca's sidekick for the P3 Tyro Competition

Yay! Bringing home some hardware!

Our trip to the Prairie Invitational was a success (minus the cold weather and road conditions). All girls ended up with some sort of Ribbon or Medal but most important we all had a blast!!!

P4- Novice

Sheehan -
V 12.150-6th Bars-11.700-4th Beam-12.767-1st Floor- 13.500-1st AA 50.117-1st

P3- Novice

Sydney - V 11.500-11th Bars-10.933-4th Beam-11.167-8th Floor-12.100-8th AA 45.700-9th


Alysha M.- V 11.650-8th Bars-12.100-2nd Beam-12.600-2nd Floor-12.200-5th AA 48.550-2nd
Tiana P
- V 12.100-3rd Bars-11.300-3rd Beam-10.467-9th Floor-12.267-3rd AA 46.134-4th


Brooklyn-V 12.500-2nd Bars -12.100-3rd Beam-12.433-7th Floor-12.467-6th AA 49.500 -4th
Jadyn -
V11.400-9th Bars- 11.967-5th Beam-11.767-4th Floor- 12.667- 3rd AA 47.801 -5th
Erica -
V12.600-1st Bars- 10.833-9th Beam- 12.367-5th Floor- 11.800- 8th AA 47.600-6th
Alysha -
V11.300-10th Bars-11.833-7th Beam-11.400-9th Floor- 11.600-9th AA 46.133- 7th
V 10.850-11th Bars- 9.467-14th Beam- 12.033 6th Floor- 11.500-10th AA 43.850-12th

P2- Tyro

Teah- V 11.900 -7th Bars-8.700-23rd Beam-11.667-11th Floor-10.333-20th AA42.600-19th


V 12.650-1st Bars-11.767- 9th Beam-11.833-5th Floor-11.933-8th AA 48.183- 4th
Amy -
V 11.800-7th Bars-12.233- 2nd Beam-11.600-9th Floor- 11.400-12th AA 47.033-8th
Kayla -
V 11.650-10th Bars-11.500-11th Beam-11.867-4th Floor- 11.333-14th AA 46.350-9th
V12.100-2nd Bars-10.933-16th Beam-9.367-18th Floor-11.300-15th AA 43.70-16th

White out conditions suck

What sucks......We are officially stuck in Regina due to white-out blizzard conditions.
The thing that makes it all better....... I just finished a Chai Tea from starbucks.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Nice Job Laurel!

Laurel competed again some of the worlds top juniors. She represented Alberta, Canada and herself very well. She got 6th on floor and 11th All-Around. Keep up the great work!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mandatory Parent Meeting For Cactus

7:00pm. Be there or you have a rope climb.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Good Luck in Texas!

Meet the Alberta team traveling to Texas for the WOGA Meet!

To follow on the weekends competition CLICK HERE.

Ashley Quinton

Kristen Klarenbach

Anysia Unich

Laurel Clouston

(she has taken out the layout full and added a triple)

Traveling as Team Coach is Eva Meyer and Judy Howard-Holmes!

Good luck girls!