Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Provincial Championship Results!

A huge high five to all athletes who participated at Provincials in Brooks, Alberta this weekend!

Samantha Jamieson: 4th Vault, 4th Floor, 4th AA!
Tayler Sweet: 4th Beam, 2nd Floor, 8th AA!

Erica Gallup: 2nd Vault, 7th Floor, 8th AA!
Brooklyn Berrington: 4th vault, 12th Floor, 16th AA!
Jadyn Stroh: 3rd Beam, 4th Floor, 12th AA!

Sydney Carlson: 10th Vault, 5th Beam, 10th AA!
Alysha McCubbin: 1st Bars, 5th Floor, 3rd AA!

Sheehan Dejardins: 3rd vault, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 3rd AA!
Olivia Callaghan: 8th Beam, 8th Floor, 17th AA!

Sheehan also received Best Artistry on Beam and Floor!
Alysha McCubbin also received Most Dynamic Bars!

Congrats again to everyone!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Summer Training

Summer is right around the corner and guess what time of year it is... GOAL SETTING!

I would like all over the athletes to really think about what they would like to accomplish this summer. I have included a link to the code of points where you can download and search through it.


Click on Code of Points
Click on Women's Artistic
Click on 2009-20012
Download and search through

If you see a cool skill that interests you please write it/them down and you can discuss it with your coach(es) when you have your goal setting meeting. Sign up sheets will be available this week sometime as well as the summer camp schedule.You will also be getting new goal setting sheet that will be placed in your binder.

Book Your Canmore Rooms!

We are in the process of registering for the Canmore Invitational and they have set aside rooms for us at two hotels- Canmore Inn and Suites- please mention SUMMITROOMS when booking ($112 for two double beds w/shower)($132 for two queen beds with full bath)


or the Radisson Hotel- please mention SUMMIT INVITATIONAL when booking($129 for two queen beds).


If you are interested in staying at hotels near Canmore (in Deadman's Flats for a more economical price then check out the link below:


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Salta Shows Well at Wild Rose Competition

Day Two- Wild Rose

Wow! Salta has done well thus far! Some of the weekends highlights include:\\
P1 Tyro
Tiana McCubbin- 1st on Bars, 2nd on Floor- 2nd AA!
Kalista Pisoni- 1st on Floor,- 9th AA!!
P2 Tyro
Jadyn Stroh- 1st on Beam- 6th AA!
Erica Gallup- 2nd on Vault, 5th on Floor- 7th AA!
Brooklyn Berrington- 4th Bars, 13th AA!
Alysha Stratton- 16th Bars, 26th AA!
P2 Argo
Samantha Jamieson- 3rd vault, 2nd Beam- 4th AA!
Tayler Sweet- 9th Bars, Beam, and Floor- 9th AA!!
P2 Novice
Sydney Carlson- 1st Vault, 5th Bars- 3rd AA!
P3 Novice
Shandler Kohlman- 10th Vault, 23rd AA
P3 Tyro
Alysha McCubbin- 5th Vault, 2nd Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor- 1st AA