Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parade Information

Kiddies Parade:

Drop Off: 8:30 AM
Where: Dairy Queen Down Town
Pick Up: Main Park Down Town by City Hall

***After the Kiddies Parade we will be going to the movie Wall-E. Show time is at 2:30. Parents can drop off their kids for the show (or, if you want to see it your more than welcome) and pick up time will be at 4:14pm.

Admission cost is:

General Admission (14 and over) $9.00

Child (13 and under) $8.00

Please be sure to bring a water bottle, hat, your track suit (might be cold), runners, SUNSCREEN, wear a gym suit (bring comp suit to wear on top for the judging). Thanks and see you there!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Brave Girl!

It was one of the longest 3 hours to Calgary we have ever traveled. All four of us, Eva, Dave, Kayla and I had been anticipating our visit with Sydney to see how she was doing. And let me tell you- all 4 of us agreed that she is one of the bravest people that we know!

If your just tuning into the story- let me go back a bit..

On Thursday morning, Sydney was just finishing up beam with her dismounts (she had competed the skill this year). She was doing one more round off, back tuck and then she was moving to the next event. When she did the skill, she missed her foot and didn't have enough rotation. She landed on her head. After arriving at Medicine Hat Hospital by ambulance it was discovered that she had fractured her neck. She was then transfered to Alberta Children's Hospital and the next day was fitted with a Halo (and mighty stylish one at that!).

After pulling up to the LEGO building (it really looks like LEGO!), collecting the much needed supplies for Sydney (who doesn't need a water gun and chap stick?) and tucking the art work (created by her team mates) under our arms, we headed up to Sydney's room. I must say, she has the best room in the place- her own personal bathroom with walk in shower, a HUGE 12” TV complete with DVD, her own personal remote control with a pager (for when she wants JELL-O) and a million dollar view of the city. Sydney looked amazing! The best part of the whole visit was hearing her laugh and seeing that big smile when it was unanimously decided that her mom was indeed in need of a “What-Not-To-Wear” intervention. After Eva's inspirational story, Dave's short anatomy class and the opening of gifts and hanging of art work- we tired the poor girl out and decided to let her rest and wished her a safe drive home (hopefully early this coming week!).

Everyone's thoughts and best wishes go out to Sydney and her family for a speedy recovery and we can't wait to see you back at the gym!

Pictures of Our Visit!

" I'm A-OK!"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Get Well Syd!

Due to recent events, some coaches will be heading up to Calgary this weekend to visit Sydney. We will be having a card signing at the gym today. If you wish to send anything please feel free to drop it off before 2:00pm or you can email or phone Becca to make arrangements.

Get Well Soon,Sydney! We are all rooting for you!

phone: 928-4611

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There Was a Farmer Who Had a Dog and......

That's right, you guessed. There is a B-I-N-G-O on Thursday, July 31 at 5:00pm. We need about 6 more people to fill some slots. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Stampede Parade!

It is that time of year for the Stampede Parade! If you want your child in the parade there is a sign up sheet for float decoration, the main parade and kiddie parade. As we need to know numbers, please sign up prior to the event. We need as many volunteers to help decorate as well! The theme is posted with the sheet at the front counter for those interested!

Crown and Anchor

Salta will be at the Crown and Anchor yet again for this year's stampede. Parents are encouraged to sign up. Starting date is on Wednesday, July 23 at noon will run until Saturday, July 26th. Please see Tera for more information. You will receive a admission ticket to the grounds when you sign up.

Board Meeting

There will be a board meeting on Tuesday, July 22 at 6:00pm. Be there or you will be banished to pit cleaning duty.

More Pictures!

I must say, some interesting form this week- granted- everyone is in the "trying new stuff" process.

Olivia Almost got her freehip today!

Alysha is getting closer to her kip!

Jaslyn tries a "inside out" front tuck.... (it's supposed to be a layout... lol)

Olivia is trying to hit that perfect handstand.

Kalista practices placing her center of mass over top of the beam

Jaslyn inspects her hands and Alysha is content playing in the chalk bowl.

A font tuck...not inside out.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Camps Have Begun!

After a week off, I'm sure everyone was excited to get back into the gym and start on those summer goals (well, I was!). Anyhow, we are mid way through the first week and I must say what a great way to start summer training! I have posted a few photos and will continue to do so through the summer.

Yes Alysha, you have the most valuable thing in the gym....