Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Attention All Competitive Parents

We will not be traveling to Calgary this summer for training as our schedules did not work out. Prince Albert will not be visiting as well so regular training will resume. Please see Eva if you have further questions.

Parade a Success!

Congrats to everyone who helped with this years parade- we placed 1st in the Commercial Division and 1st in the Kiddies Parade!!!

A special thanks to Nikki who designed and conducted the float!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Aqua Week- Week 4

This week will be a challenge to stay dry!

Please be sure to pack a lunch as Salta does not provide lunches, snacks, or water bottles (how ever there is a fountain). All Am and Pm children must have sunscreen, a hat, and proper shoes.

(All day and Am kids) are heading down to Kin Coulee so please be prepared for the hike down there. Pm kids will be given a permission form that needs to be filled out for the SPACA and handed back in on Tuesday.

(All day and Pm kids) are going to the SPCA!!! Please make sure you have your hat, sunscreen and water bottle.

Wednesday: (All day and Am kids) are heading down to Kin Coulee again! Pm kids will receive a permission form to go down to Echo Dale. This needs to be returned by Thursday.

Thursday: (All day and Pm kids) will be heading down to Strathcona Park for a fun filled afternoon in the sun and water!! Please pack a towel, swim suit, sunscreen, hat, and water bottle.

Friday: (All day and Pm kids) please be sure to pack an extra pair of clothes or bring your swim suit. We will be having water games in the back!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stampede Parade Stuff

2009 Stampede Parade- "Jungle" Theme

It's that time of year again, and boy is it a jungle out there! The stampede parade will run on Thurs. July 23rd and Friday July 24th with the decorating session being held at RSC Equipment (2230- 9th Ave. SW) on Wed. July 22nd from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Here are a few particulars:

• All participants are asked to dress in a jungle theme. Try any animal prints- dressing up as lions, tigers, monkeys, etc. Or go with the camoflauge theme, even grass skirts with shrunken heads (not real of course!). Be creative!!

• Participants in Thursday's parade will need to be down on 3rd Street in the Flats (usually between Ash and Birch Ave) no later then 7:45 am as this is when judging formally begins. Please keep in mind that the stampede marshalls do move our location from time to time, but we are always either on 3rd Street or 4th Streeet. If you are planning to stay awhile with your children, please be advised that parking is not available in this area.

• Participants in the Kiddie's Parade on Friday will need to be down on 3rd Street downtown ( just up from Dairy Queen) no later then 8:30 am.

• During the main parade on Thursday- there is no access to bathrooms!!!

• All participants will need sunscreen and a waterbottle.

• Please be advised that the truck and trailer unit that we are using from RSC this year is new. The truck has a tilt deck trailer attached. As a result, the trailer stands roughly 4 feet off the ground! THIS MEANS POSTIVELY NO MOVING AROUND ON THE FLOAT WHILE IT IS IN MOTION, AND THOSE KIDS WHO ARE ON THE STREET WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET BACK ON THE FLOAT UNTIL THE VERY END OF THE PARADE.

• Due to metal grating on the trailer deck, we ask that everyone keep shoes on at all times.

Picking up your children will be as follows:

1. Main Parade: Please pick your child up at RSC Equipment (2230- 9th Ave SW) as soon as possible after the parade is over. This is usually 10:15 am (roughly).
2. Kiddies Parade: Please pick child up from Salta. We will be getting all of the kids to help with taking the decorations off the float.

Due to the height of the trailer deck, as well as the stampede discouraging stopping for great lengths of time at the end of the stampede, we request that all kids are picked up the drop off sites, NOT by exiting from the float while downtown.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Camp Week 3

Stampede Week Has Arrived!

Please be sure to pack a lunch as Salta does not provide lunches, snacks or water bottles (however there is a fountain)!


We are heading down to Kin Coulee so please be sure to have sunscreen, a hat and proper running shoes. You will be given a permission form that needs to be filled out for the SPCA and handed back in on Tuesday.


We are going to to the SPCA!!! Please be sure again to have sunscreen, a hat and proper shoes.


Kin Coulee again! We are also making decorations for the float. You will also need to fill out a permission form for the parade that needs to be handed back in by today!


So the campers can watch the parade, we will be meeting at 8:00am at the IGA parking lot (302 Maple Ave). Once the parade is finished, we will head over to Strathcona Park- again, shoes, hat,sunscreen and a bathing suit are mandatory. Please also send your child with their food as well. For Afternoon campers please meet us at the Water Park in Strathcona.


We will be meeting at the downtown Dairy Queen so we can be in the Kiddies Parade! Please be sure to bring your costumes (you will find out earlier in the week what they are) and come with your sunscreen, waterbottle, lunches and snacks. After the parade is finished, we will ride the float back to the gym. Afternoon campers can meet us at the gym the usual times.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Parade Sign Up Sheet

For everyone who wants to be in the parade and/or help with decorating the float- there is a sign up sheet on the window at the gym.... that means... sign up. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crown and Anchor

It's that time of the year!

The Days to work are:
Wednesday- 22nd
Thursday- 24th
Friday- 25th

If you are able to volunteer some time that would be fantastic (plus, it's great fun!!!).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Competitive Challenge

Dear Competitive Girls:

Take 30 seconds of music- any music (please watch the language). Now create a dance- using very little gymnastics. This is a solo and you will be performing your 30 seconds on Thursday (if you don't have 30 seconds on Thursday you will be doing a 30 second improv section). I want you to tap into your creative side and I would also like you girls to have a chance to show off your hidden talents! Please work alone on this project.


The Boys are Coming and Going!

The Salta Boys are off on the 19th to West Wind Gymnastics in Lethbridge for a training camp for two days- then, on Tuesday, the 21nd they will come back with those Lethbridge boys to train at our gym! This shall be a fun week- if you need more information on this camp please
email Dave at:


Monday, July 06, 2009

Bingo...Needs... Help...

Competitive Parents: Please be advised if you are needing to still fulfill your bingo requirements that there is one coming up on the 12th of July (that's on a Sunday).


Air Mat Has Arrived

The air mat has arrived today- and it is absolutely amazing! The girls can tumble with ease and learning new elements have proven just today that they will come quick! I cannot wait to post our first official skills from the air mat!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Camp- Week One

Welcome to Week One of Summer Camps!

Across the Decades:


Please be sure to pack a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat as we will be heading down to Kin Coulee. Permission slips are going home and need to be signed for the SPCA visit on Tuesday.


We are heading down to the SPCA- please be sure to bring back your permission slips or else your child will not attend. Tie dye!!!!


We are heading down to Kin Coulee again- Hats, water bottle and sunscreen are mandatory. Dress up as your favorite decade and we will have a party and dance!


Crafts, Karaoke Contest, and a Feild trip to Echo Dale. Bring your swim suit and sunscreen and a water bottle!


Bring your water shoes or sandles that will be able to get wet! A pair of dry clothing is necessary for gym and trampoline time.